Don't stay in a cramped hotel room when you can have the comforts and convenience  of a fully furnished, tastefully decorated two bedroom house.

Both houses are available for off-season Corporate Housing.  Up to 60% off for a stay of 30 days or longer.  Please call or e-mail for more information.


This house is located off Mt.Rushmore Rd. making it easily accessible to all the local attractions. It is also within one mile of downtown, an easy walk to all the activities happening in Downtown Rapid City.  For more information, go to my "ABOUT" page. 

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The location of this house is two blocks north of the Civic Center, making it ideal for attending events there, or in Memorial park. It is also five blocks from Down Town Rapid City.  This house is entirely fenced-in, which allows children plenty of room to unwind after long drives, or a day of touring the Black Hills

Rapid City Chamber of Commerce Member

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